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Monday, 24 August 2015

Huddah Monroe’s IG Has Been Hacked! The Unclothed Photo She Sent A Man Has Been Leaked (Photos)

The self-styled socialite was hacked by unknown person only known as Vee who appeared to be on a revenge mission.

This particular Vee (Maybe Vera) is harboring PURE hate, almost with the same intensity like that one Vera Sidika has on Huddah Monroe.
“Look at her stupid b00bs , stupid h*e! I hate her! I will expose you forever b*tch. I have your account now h*rny b*tch!”, The hacker wrote in part.
Vera was suspected to be the hacker since she loathes Huddah with passion that is way stronger than Romeo’s love for Juliet.
Vee (the hacker) went on to post a nude photo of Huddah promising to expose everything on her handle later on. Team Mafisi must be loving this!
The photo the hacker posted was that one of Huddah flaunting her pocket-sized tatas. They may be small yes, but they sure looked yummy just like ripe mangos from Israel.
Because of company policy, we can’t post the photo. But don’t be sad, below is the edited version, it will still give you a clue of how Huddah’s twins look like:

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