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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

FUNNY 'ND EMBARASSING THO': When bad network decides to deal with you

GIRLFRIEND: Good morning sweetheart.
BOYFRIEND: Good morning darling. (sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: Why don’t you want to reply my message, don’t you have my time?
BOYFRIEND: I have tried to reply but the network is poor! (sending failed)

GIRLFRIEND: If you don’t love me; ignore my message, if you really love me, reply me.
BOYFRIEND: I Love You. (sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: Do you love me???
BOYFRIEND: I Love You Baby. (sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: Never speak to me again!
BOYFRIEND: I Love You Sweetie (sending failed).
GIRLFRIEND: Do you want to end our relationship?
BOYFRIEND: I’m fed up of this shit!!! (message sent).

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