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Thursday, 6 August 2015

FACTS: 26 Types Of Students In Secondary School

In every class, there is:

1. The thief
2. The player who is not beautiful/handsome
3. The 3 best friends
4. The most feared
5. A nerd that never gets high marks
6. The 4 clean guys
7. The 3 ‘it’ girls
8. The one who is always absent for no reason

9. A late comer
10. The one who always brags about how rich
she is
11. The quiet one who has about 12 ex-es in
12. The cute guy who doesn’t want anything to
do with girls
13. The Indecency addict
14. The back-sit guys with jokes
15. The gossip squad with very low marks
16. The pastor
17. The artist
18. The copy machine
19. The stoners
20. The shy guy
21. The clever girls who r loved by teachers
22. The clever boy and a clever girl who always
23. The comedian
24. The pretender.
25. The Edward : Has a very big HEAD with empty brain.
26. The Send-less: Doesn't care how he dresses, always rough, with smelly socks and dirty uniforms.
Share your Secondary School Experience… Which
Type of Students Category did you Fall under?

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