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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Facebook: Ways Nigerians Can Make Money Online

We’ve undoubtedly heard about Linda Ikeji, Uche Pedro, Jason Njoku and other leading Nigerian entrepreneurs making a fortune online, and we’re convinced that we can make the Internet work for us.
However, it is very important to realize that the key to creating sustainable income from the Internet, as a Nigerian, isn’t to be gullibly sucked into online survey or paid to click scams.

Instead, you have to focus on a reliable online business model that works.
I’ve been making a serious living online since 2010, and my success story has been extensively publicized in publications here in Nigeria and abroad. Based on my experience in the past 5 years, I want to share the 4 most effective ways Nigerians can create a sustainable source of income online.
Start a Service-Based Business
Many Nigerians who want to make money from the Internet fail because they think the process is much different from building a real business offline.
It isn’t.
Of course, with the internet your reach is significantly increased, and perception of value online is more than it is offline. You also don’t have to worry about qualifications and startup costs.
However, the premise is still the same thing: you are building a business, and a business only thrives by offering value to others.
Don’t get sucked into the idea of making money while you sleep, or the idea of making money without doing anything; for most people, that’s a pipe dream.
One of the most effective ways to make money online as a Nigerian is by starting a service business based on a skill you have; it could be design skills, writing skills, motivation skills, business skills, health skills, agriculture skills or other skills that can benefit others.
If you have knowledge that can help people get measurable results in one aspect or the other, you can create a a service based business online.
Start a Blog (My Favourite)
Blogging is another sustainable source of income for Nigerians who can get it right
Now, pay special attention to my emphasis on “getting it right”.
The problem with most new Nigerian bloggers is that they have heard about Bella Naija, they have heard about Linda Ikeji and they assume that the best way for them to make money from a blog is by starting a blog, placing adverts all over the blog and then expecting income. It doesn’t work that way.
Linda Ikeji’s blog and Bella Naija can command the massive income they make due to the massive reach they have, which involves a lot of efforts over the years; they also have an advantage of being pioneer bloggers in Nigeria. These are advantages you don’t have; at least, not yet.
If you want to make money from a blog, instead of hoping and waiting for income that might never come by putting adverts all over your blog, look for a sustainable income model that will deliver solid results real quick.
Here are some sustainable income models:
Build your blog around a service you offer
Whether you’re a freelancer or consultant, make this information clearly available on your blog. You’ll need very little eyeballs to your blog to start making money through this approach; this is an approach I have been using for years now
Create a product of value to sell on your blog
For example, farming is a big deal here in Nigeria with a lot of people having interest in fish farming , poultry farming, crop farming, etc.
If you have experience in this area and create an ebook and video packages aimed at helping people start their farms, you’ll get people who want to start real businesses buy from you in no time.
Promote other people’s businesses
Now, this approach isn’t as effective as the ones earlier listed, but it can be much powerful than waiting to make money through ads on your blog. Look for someone who sells a product that readers of your blog might be willing to buy, and partner with that person to promote her product in exchange for percentage of sales you make.
The above 3 income models are very practical and sustainable, and you’ll start seeing results without having to get tens of thousands of people to read your blog.
Work as a Freelancer
There’s also high demand for freelancers in the international space, and there are legitimate companies willing to pay talented freelancers irrespective of where they’re from.
You could be a freelance designer, a freelance programmer or a freelance writer.
With freelance writing for example, you can make anything from $50 – $200 per article regardless of you being from Nigeria. I know this because I’ve done this extensively over the past few years.
Try to look for companies, in Nigeria or abroad, looking for freelancers to help them with tasks they don’t want to employ people for online. Reach out to them to see how you can help, and in exchange you’ll get paid for your work.

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