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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Whitsle: Evening Jokes With Johnny.....


Ebuka told his Oga at the shop to please wait at the gate and pick him up after his WAEC Commerce exam at the Commercial Secondary School
where he registered.

He was given Commerce Exam question paper and the only question he could answer was question number 3 and it says: “Differentiate between a Warehouse and a Shop” (20marks)

After much thinking he smiled and wrote his answer as fast as he could: Warehouse is at Ojota while Shop is at Alaba market. Then he submitted his paper and went to meet his Oga at the gate:

OGA: Ebuka, how far? How e be?

EBUKA: E dey so simple Oga. Question
number three say make we differentiate between a warehouse & a shop.

OGA: Ehen- ehen…Wet in U come write?

EBUKA: hmmm. I write say “warehouse dey for Ojota & shop dey for Alaba.

OGA: So na the only thing wey U write be dat?

EBUKA: Yes Oga.

OGA: Chinekemee!!! U dey craze Common go back & put the phone numbers & our complete address. silly boy! Na so dem take dey get customers



A man was trying to show
his 15 year old son
the danger in taking
alcohol so he brought
earthworm and alcohol.

He poured the alcohol on the earth worm.

After a little while the
worm dissolved and he
asked the child, “what
lesson can you
learn from this?” The boy replied, “when we
take alcohol, we
won’t have worms.”

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