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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Must Read Fiction Series: Curse of The Seventh Sword – The War of Two Realms: Chapter One – War

The fireball was launched into the air, and wailed angrily as it travelled towards its doomed destination. A trail of fiery light fell away behind it, and the light from the ball and its trail illuminated the land beneath them. The yellow light caught faces looking up at the ball in morbid fear. There was a gasp that travelled through the land and crossed the hardly distinct divide between ally and foe. The Fireball was a sight to behold, but its lifespan was agonizingly short. It wailed even louder as the force that binds, took hold of it and began reeling it faster and faster back down to earth. There were screams of terror among the ranks.

“That will take about a thousand souls with it to Hovan.” One soldier exclaimed.
“Or to the sea of lost souls.” Another soldier contributed.
“Load up the Onager.” The first soldier said. “Let’s give them our response.”
“Pray for the souls of those poor men.” The second soldier said as they both watched the fireball slam into the sea of soldiers, and disperse in a flat and expanding circular form.
Even though they were far behind the frontlines, and away from the deadly clashes, they could still feel the air around them warm up a bit from the dissipated heat. A second fireball had been launched.
“Load me up and aim for the fireball.”
The voice came from behind them and startled them.
“When did he…”
“He does that.” The first soldier interrupted. “What do you want here?”
The dark-skinned man stepped forward. His hair twisted into numerous long locks that fell in front of his face, to the sides and to the back where they were tied together. A green hat was worn low and cast a shadow over his forehead and eyes. His green tunic, black pants, green boots and gloves, completed his attire. There were two daggers, tucked into sheaths on either side of his waistline, where a belt held them in place. The man stepped forward and into the slingshot of the Onager.
“We do not have much time. Aim for the fireball.”
“You are insane!” The second soldier bellowed.
The dark-skinned man looked back at him and smiled.
“No… not insane. Just being a soldier.”
He turned back around wordlessly, and waited.
“Fire away!” The first soldier ordered.
“Firing!” The second soldier confirmed.
The slingshot was released and the man was sent hurtling through the air. The wind whistled in his ears and stung his eyes, making it a task keeping them open. He had to and he knew it. The fireball loomed like a vessel of destruction, high in the air. Its surface burned and flickered with the fiery rage of a star. He pulled out one of his daggers and pointed it towards the fireball. His eyebrows were creased in concentration. There was a distortion in the space around the fireball. It was subtle at first, but became increasingly prominent. The fireball deformed, slightly and then more visibly, as it was pulled inside the center of the distortion. The man gritted his teeth as he willed his magical power on. Soon the fireball was completely gone and the man was hurtling through the air towards the enemy Onagar.
“The fireball vanished.” The man with long blonde hair, and a wispy beard said, as he ducked low under yet another sword swipe, aimed at decapitating him.
“I noticed.” The old man in hooded clothes replied. He had seemingly released a small ball of flame from his hand. It had travelled rapidly through the air and engulfed the former man’s assailant.
“I must go now, master.” The blonde haired man said as he sliced down a second and third assailant in quick succession. He adjusted his red hat and panted wearily.
“You’ll be fine without me?” He continued.
“Go you proud idiot!” The old man smiled. “Max does not have much time.”
The blonde haired man managed a wry smile and was off. There was a trail of dust rising along the path he had taken. He weaved and ducked under attacks, at lightning speed, cutting and impaling enemies that could barely discern his presence. The enemy’s motions seemed slow to him, or almost unmoving. Up ahead, Max was hurtling at high speed towards the enemy Onager. He pointed his dagger ahead of him once more. In an instant, there was a flash of light and an earth shattering explosion. Max was hurtling towards the mushroom cloud. He looked at the thick forest behind the clearing, where the battle was taking place.
“Sam I sure hope you guess right.”
A portal opened up and enveloped him before the thick smoke and flames could.
The blonde haired man rushed past what was left of the enemy Onagar.

To be continued...

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