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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mtn 6GB Imei Tweaking Valid For This Year

Kindly note that the imei that will be given in this post is for 2929MB (3GB) but you can use sms bomber to accumulate the data to 5859MB (6GB) or more.

Also when you tweak this imei you will be given two separate data 60MB 3GB or 60MB 6GB, the 60MB works for all apps but the additional 3GB/6GB 2go data will only work for all your android apps if you use simple Android server (SAS) and Autoproxy apps.

Before we talk about how to configure both apps mentioned above let's get the data associated first.

How Do I Get 3GB/6GB 2go Data?

==> Tweak below imei

==>86498101254 - add any random 4digits at the end (since IMEI's are 15 digits)

==> Send lyte to 131 using sms bomber like 6 times

==> Dial *559*6# to check your3GB/6GB

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