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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ladies!!! Ten Rules To Keep Your Man In A Relationship These Days

Ladies, here are some basic rules to keep your man in your relationship, I know its hard but try your best to follow these rules below…

1. Give him space, don’t choke him

2. Just be Loyal and faithful

3. Try to be patient and enduring

4. Don’t dare ask for crazy things even
your parent can’t afford.

5. Stop the nag and complaints

6. You can stalk him of course

7. If your man doesn’t cheat to your face, or take his sidechicks calls in your presence don’t even bother to complain, just endure it your next might be worse.

8. Ladies be proud of your man, be his number one fan

9. Show him how caring you are

10. And lastly, pray for him… I know so many wouldn’t want to pray for their man but its a good thing to remember your man in your prayers.

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