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Monday, 27 July 2015

I Won't Say Anything for Now - Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said he will refrain from making any statement now but will rather remain silent despite the barrage of questions requiring answers from him by Nigerians on his handling of the nation's affairs and his views on the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

According to Reuben Abati, the former Special Adviser on Media to Jonathan, the former president has asked him to tell those seeking to speak with him, especially newsmen that he is resting.

In an article titled: "The phones No Longer Ring," Abati, said he has had to deal with barrage of requests for interview with his former boss.

In the article in which Abati appeared to be at pains as to the stoppage of the numerous phone calls that he got while in office, but most of which he did not attend to, he explained: "Today, the phones remain loudly silent, with the exception of calls from those friends who are not gloating, who have been offering words of commendation and support" .

"They include childhood friends, former colleagues, elderly associates, fans, and family members. And those who want interviews with President Jonathan, both local and international - they want his reaction on every development, so many of them from every part of the planet. But he is resting and he has asked me to say he is not ready yet to say anything" .

"It is truly, a different moment, and indeed, 'no condition is permanent.' The ones who won't give up with the stream of phone calls and text messages are those who keep pestering me with requests for financial assistance.

"I am made to understand that there is something called "special handshake" and that everyone who goes into government is supposed to exit with carton loads of cash. I am in no position to assist such people, because no explanation will make sense to them. Here I am, at the crossroads; I am glad to be here," he said.

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