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Saturday, 25 July 2015

How To Continue Browsing With Your Blackberry Phone Even If It Shows ”Battery Too Low For Radio Use”

Yeah, this is so possible… I know some might know the trick but as for me i just discovered it few days ago and it is working, funniest part is that, i’ve been using my blackberry Curve 2 to blog for some months now. I had to dump my laptop because it was so much easier to blog with my blackberry. I would write an article on how to blog with your blackberry phone very soon, but for now, it is how to continue browsing with you blackberry phone even if it shows ‘Battery too low for radio use’.

You know sometimes, while browsing you can be doing something important or you’re enjoying your chat, all of a sudden your blackberry phones shows ‘Battery Too Low For Radio Use’, you will be so unhappy to see that, and there is no electricity to charge your empty battery. Well, not too worry i will show you how you can continue browsing for over 15 minutes with the low battery. Yes, 15 minutes, i’ve used it for more than 30 minutes after battery too low for radio use.

What you have to do is, when your blackberry shows ‘Battery Too Low For Radio Use’, just dial 911

Dial 911 and it will show ‘calling emergency’. While displaying that, you will discover your network has come back again. All you have to do is just cut the call of the emergency and continue browsing for a short period of time.

Although, while browsing with it again, it can show the battery too low for radio use again, what you need to do is dial the 911 again and you will bring back your network again and again.

Note: While browsing with it, your phone can go off all of a sudden, don’t be scared okay, it means the battery is totally flat, what you have to do is wait for electricity to come up, connect your charger and charge your Phone.

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