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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A rare peek inside of Google's self-driving pod car

Sure enough, there is no steering wheel or pedals. About the closest thing to a control is a big red button, which, presumably, is for emergency stops.

The inside is actually pretty utilitarian -- nothing fancy. About as fancy as it gets are two cupholders.

Other than that, the interior is pretty much appears to be white plastic with blue upholstery, more suited to a McDonald's dining room than the inside of a modern car. But there's no shortage of geekiness. The photo released on reporter Matt McFarland's Twitter account shows a laptop computer sitting on a seat and wires running everywhere. The floor appears to be hard black rubber.

By now, the outside the car is well known. It's an innocent-looking rolling pod, perhaps the most unsexy, unsleek car on the road. Like a computer, it beauty lies in the technology.

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