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Sunday, 21 June 2015

#Close friends, now arch enemies: Genevieve Nnaji And Kate Henshaw; Linda Ikeji And Stella Dimoko Korkus

It is a common saying in the political terrain that there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests.

With recent happenings in the entertainment industry, it seems the above phrase has also found truism in the world of art.

*Kate Henshaw & Genevieve Nnaji

It is not unusual to find alliances and cliques formed between entertainers in various sectors of the industry such as in Nollywood, music, and comedy. What is however puzzling to observers is how quickly these friendships sometimes fall apart. It makes one question: was there ever any substance to the associations in the first place?

Some of these crumbled relationships start out as fairytale romances which the parties involved shout about from the high heavens, and in the end, they also hate themselves as passionately as they once loved. They do not hesitate to wash their dirty linens in public, and no detail, no matter how dirty or gory, is spared.

We hereby present to you some of the most celebrated relationships in the Nigerian entertainment industry which have crumbled like packs of badly arranged cards. Enjoy…

Genevieve Nnaji And Kate Henshaw

These two actresses are some of the brightest stars in the Nigerian movie industry, but unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ends. The two pretty role-interpreters can best be described as sworn enemies.

Though not much is known about the cause of the bad blood between them, industry sources whisper that it has to do with comparison between the two as to who’s better in their chosen profession. When they meet at events, the two do not greet nor acknowledge each other; even when they sit on the same table; they act like the other doesn’t exist.

Kate played her first lead role in Nollywood in 1993, well before Genevieve who came into the industry in 1998. They are both also single mothers.

Linda Ikeji And Stella Dimoko Korkus

*Linda Ikeji

*Stella Dimoko Korkus

Call them the queens of blogging in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In the early days, they were never shy to advertise their closeness to the world, but over the years, their relationship has deteriorated badly. Initially, Linda used to source stories from Stella’s blog, and gave appropriate credit, but reports say that the enmity between them started when Stella reported a fight between Linda and her former best friend, Egor Efiok. Since that episode, Stella has called out Linda on her blogs many times, even going to the extent of accusing the latter of spewing trash on her blog under anonymous mode. The fans of the two bloggers have also been drawn into the battle as the comment sections of both blogs are filled with various abuses and insults hurled at the duo by both camps.

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