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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Zahra and Kiki: Nigeria’s newest divas

Few months back, nobody really knew who Zahra Buhari was. In fact, if not that she is one of the daughters of Nigeria’s President- elect, General Muhamadu Buhari (retd), Zahra, indeed, would have just been like any other babe, a fine girl.

But then, politics came, her father picked up the presidential ticket for his party, All Progressive Congress, followed it up with a massive political campaign and boom, Zahra surfaced! Now, as the daughter of the first family, it isn’t out of the ordinary that the lady and her siblings, would be under the scrutiny of the media, being the children of the first family.

But even before people would wonder and speculate about the children of the presidential candidate of the APC and now the President-elect, Zahra made it easier for nosy parkers; she posted an incredible picture of herself online.

Yes, her picture hit the Internet in the thick of the election campaign and undeniably, the young lady practically broke the internet. She is pretty and that is not understating the obvious. Since her pictures went viral, Zahra has become one of the most popular young ladies in Nigeria. Expectedly, she should be, since her father is going to rule Nigeria, again.

Apart from her pictures that are online, nothing much is really known about the young lady except that it‘s been alleged that she studies abroad.

But Zahra is not just only about a babe that posts beautiful pictures on the internet to wow the men and make the ladies go green, she is also about support, family and love.

She proved this when her father’s certificate saga came up during the campaign.

In the heat of the scandal, the young babe via her twitter handle defended her father and lambasted the ruling party.

Her tweet in part read, “About 53 years ago, he acquired this certificate. During his military years, he held posts that couldn’t possibly be run by an illiterate.

“Mind you, these were posts he managed very well. He ran for office three times, this is the fourth time and now his certificate matters. The ruling party should accept the fact that they have failed Nigeria as a whole and we can’t give them any more chances.

“Misplaced priorities. Security should come first not #GMB’s certificate. We don’t want them anymore and we don’t want them to persuade us to want them. We just simply do not WANT.”

More Nigerians, after these tweets, fell in love with her and eulogised her eloquence especially when it mattered the most.

When Nigerians were getting used to Zahra’s pictures and coming to terms with the lady being one of the most eligible single ladies in town, then came Kiki Osinbajo.

By the way, Kiki is the twenty-one year old daughter of the Vice President–elect, Yemi Osinbajo.

Perhaps, Kiki would have remained just the daughter of the senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and may just be known by the members of the congregation and of course, her friends and school mates.

But just like Zahra, Kiki is in the eye of the public at the moment. Yes, she was ‘discovered’ yet again, (like Zahra), when she posted some of her pictures online, one of them with her father, when she celebrated him on his birthday.

Kiki was not really as outspoken as Zahra during the campaign as she didn’t use her social media to solicit for votes and support for her father and her father’s party.

Howbeit, their emergence on the Internet, perhaps came at the right moment as many, especially the young men, fell in love with them (their looks) and possibly, voted for their parents based on that.

And as the election has favoured their parents, these two ladies have topped the list of the most popular ladies in Nigeria.

Interestingly, the elections have come and gone with their fathers winning the race. It was as if the girls (Zahra in particular) were waiting for it to end before going back to their shells.

At least for now, there haven’t been recent pictures of the girls on the social media. As much as people know they exist, they perhaps, do not want to be in peoples’ faces. They probably do not want to rub it in that they are the daughters of the most powerful men in the country.

The lives of these young ladies might be likened to that of Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton.

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