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Friday, 1 May 2015

Nicki Minaj Faces $30 Million Wig Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj’s wig game is strong. But is it stolen?

Last year a judge dismissed a $30 million lawsuit against Minaj by her former hairstylist Terrence Davidson, who said she stole his multi-color wig designs and reneged on a partnership. However an appeals court has just reinstated the case.

Minaj had argued that you can’t trademark wig designs, she never had a contract with Davidson, and he’s just bitter because she got rid of him in 2013.

Now she’ll have to make all these arguments again, and if the court doesn’t buy them she could have to pay big. A wig trial could be tricky, financial considerations aside. But it wouldn’t have nearly the potential for embarrassment as Nicki’s plastic surgeon turning on her would.

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