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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lagos Pastor Arrested Over Mysterious Death In Church

The police in Lagos arrested Popoola Oluwasomidotun, the pastor of a Pentecostal church, over a mysterious death of Waheed Majekodumi in the Ipaja area of the state.

The Punch reports, the 32-year-old victim was found dead in the church on May 7, 2015, at the Peace Estate, Baruwa, Ipaja.

On that fateful day, the father of four rushed into the church crying for help, but suddenly collapsed on the floor and died.

The police officers from the Ipaja division were informed about the tragic accident. They arrested the pastor and another member of the church, Folashade Ebun.

Recollecting that fatal day, Ebun said:

“That Thursday morning, I was sweeping the church auditorium in readiness for a programme. While sweeping, a man ran into the church, crying for help. He was shouting ‘pastor help me o, I will die o’. I thought someone was chasing him, but I later discovered he was alone.

“He fell to the ground and I quickly called the pastor, who came in almost immediately. Sincerely, we have nothing to do with his death. I have confidence in the God that we serve. He will vindicate us.”

Speaking with The Punch correspondent, 27-year-old Oluwasomidotun presented his version of events.

“I am the presiding pastor of the church and I also live on the church premises. On that day, I was preparing for a programme when I heard Folashade (Ebun) shouting, ‘pastor, come and help’. I ran into the church auditorium. I saw her standing next to a man on the ground. She told me that the man ran into the church calling for help, and that he suddenly slumped and died,”the pastor said.

The pastor added that the church’s owner advised him to inform the police about the incident. However, the police officers suspected a foul play and arrested both the pastor and Ebun.

The victim’s relatives said that the deceased lived a reckless life before the incident. According to his ex-wife Moshundat, their marriage crashed mainly due to his lifestyle.

“I was married to Waheed for eight years and I had four children for him. But in the later part of our marriage, he took to drinking and leaving home for as long as two months without asking how the children and I were surviving. I don’t know who to suspect for his death,” she said.

Meanwhile, the case was said to have been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.

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