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Sunday, 17 May 2015

JAB SUNDAY KITCHEN: DELICACY: How to prepare Okro tomato pepper soup

This is one of the my favourite soups. I usually add tomato to the soup to give it a bit of body. Apart from the spicy nature of the soup, I love the nutritional benefits of okro as well.

Okro is a great source of fibre and helps with bowel movement. It is also great for detoxifying the liver and a rich source of vitamin A.

Enjoy this okro tomato pepper soup as a meal on it’s own or with some plantain fufu. You may choose to add some fish to your soup but I chose beef and snail.


*Seven pieces of beef
Four pieces of snail
20 fingers of okro (chopped)

*One tomato

*Half red bell pepper

*Three yellow peppers

*One quarter bulb of onion

*One tablespoon of blended pepper soup spices

*Half cup of crayfish pieces

*One quarter cup of crayfish head
*Seasoning cubes

*One teaspoon of dry pepper


Step 1: Season your beef with seasoning cubes, onion and the teaspoon of dry pepper . Bring to boil in a pot of water till the beef is halfway cooked. Add water as needed.

Step 2: Wash your snails and add to the pot when the beef is halfway cooked so the snail could be soft as well but not too soft.

Step 3: Add your grounded pepper soup spices to the pot and reduce the heat to medium heat.

Step 4: Wash your crayfish pieces and crayfish head. Place them in separate bowls.

Step 5: Blend your tomato, pepper, and crayfish head with a quarter cup of water.

Step 6: Pour the blended tomato, pepper and crayfish into the pot of meat and snails. Stir in and at this point, add the crayfish pieces.

Step 7: Add your chopped okro, stir for a minute and immediately take off the fire so the okro is not overcooked. There would be just enough heat in the pot to steam the okro.

And.....??? Oh is it Steaming? HELL YEAH!!

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