Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ministerial Nominee Vows To Stop "Sex for Marks" in Varsities

A ministerial nominee and Professor of Obstetrics & Gyneacology, University of Ibadan, Isaac Folorunsho Adewole has lamented the high number of women who die in the process of aborting babies in the country.

He expressed his displeasure on this when the senate was screening him for ministerial position on Tuesday, saying a lot of women have died from abortion because they lack proper sex education and money to seek quality health care.
Senate Leader Ali Ndume had asked the professor to explain more on the issue of abortion since he is known to support the act. Reacting, Adewole said 'As regards Abortion, I must say I am Pro-Life.
'I have dedicated my life into preventing issues such as maternal mortality, infant mortality. What we need to create is sexual education to enlighten these girls'.
The professor who took his time to speak on education and health sectors said that many Nigerians had died of avoidable illnesses because there were no enough sensitization and education on it.
He spoke on baby delivery system, adding that some women cannot afford delivery fees in hospitals. “Quite a number of things are fundamentally wrong.” He said, “People need to understand cancer, we can manage it if we do the necessary precautions.
Though we have cancer among young ones, but cancer is a disease of the old age.” On Cultism, the former Vice Chancellor of the premier university, Ibadan said that the government should tackle it by looking at intelligence methods and also enlighten parents.
'We need to put money in Education. We need to recognize Education as Vital to the Economy,” he stated. He bemoaned a situation where female students give sex to get marks in tertiary institution, saying he would stop this if eventually he becomes Minister of Education. 'I tell my Students, the Certificate is a Visa, yet you still need a Ticket'.
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