Wednesday, 12 August 2015

CHECK OUT: Naija people no dey carry last. How true is this?

1.Every Sunday is RICE
2.Every northerner is a MUSLIM
3.Every motorcycle is OKADA
4.Every oversea based guy is RICH
5.Every detergent is OMO
6.Every Chinese knows KARATE

7.Every toothpaste is MACLEAN
8.Every white man is RICH and CONNECTED
9.Every police takes BRIBE
10.Every rich muslim is ALHAJI while the poor ones are MALLAM
11.Every noodle food is INDOMIE
12.Every Brazilian is a FOOTBALLER
13.Every igbo man likes MONEY
14.Every guy on suit is LEARNED
15.Every guy that owns a car is RICH
16.Every kidnapper comes from NIGER DELTA
True or False
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