Wednesday, 15 July 2015

He is not ill! But still doing fine, says Oristefemi's Manager as he slams reports that he is seriously ill

Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi, has slammed reports that he is currently seriously ill.

Yesterday, reports went viral that the singer was hospitalized at The Premier Medical Specialists’ Medical Centre in Lekki for an undisclosed ailment.

Reports further stressed that because of his condition, he couldn’t make his video shoot on Monday, July 13, 2015.

In the report it was revealed that this was not the first time Oritsefemi was rushed to the hospital this year.

Now, Oritsefemi’s manager Eniola Olofin said the story was false.

“Well the report is not true, he was feeling a little bit under the weather but he’s not there anymore. He was there earlier just get medication for his cold, it’s not a serious ailment the way you make it sound. And moreover it’s his family hospital and we are surprised why it should be in the news” he said.

“He’s doing fine and there’s no cause for alarm. He was at a video shoot on Sunday, on the 17th floor, and the place was too breezy, cold got to him and that’s all he went to the hospital for” he further stated.
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